Łucja Doradzińska, MSc
Ph.D. Student

About me:

since 2019: PhD student at LOBI
Project: The limits of unconscious processing. Is unconscious perceptual integration possible?
Supervisors: Michał Bola, PhD, prof. Anna Nowicka, prof. Artur Marchewka

2016 - 2018: Participation in project: Is the neural correlates of consciousness are independent of the modality? Study of activation and interaction in the "global workspace" of the brain using EEG
and fMRI. Supervisor: Michał Bola, PhD

2013 - 2019: Master studies at University of Warsaw, Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Major course: Psychology

Research interests:

Psychophysiological research, experimental neuropsychology, unconscious processes, attention, information integration.


National Science Centre

Speciality from my kitchen: caramelized chicory with goat cheese