Michał Bola, PhD

About me:

I studied psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS; Warsaw, Poland) graduating in 2011. Already from 2010 I worked at the Institute of Medical Psychology, Otto von Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany) and obtained PhD degree in February 2015. I conducted research projects at CANLAB (03-05.2015, with Martin Walter) and Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science (06-08.2015, with Anil Seth) before joining LOBI in Setember 2015.  

Research interests:

Human brain is constantly active and exhibits complex spatial and temporal patterns of activity which, supposedly, give rise to perception, cognition, and consciousness. My goal is to analyze brain activition patterns, generated either spontaneously or during task performance, in order to better understand the relation between brain and mind. To this end I use neuroimaging methods (mainly EEG) and advanced data analysis techniques. In my ongoing and future projects I will specifically focus on studying the fascinating (but elusive) concept of consciousness. I will try to address two research questions: i) which brain mechanisms allow external stimuli to gain access to our subjective "stream of consciousness" and ii) how brain activity differes between unconscious (e.g. anesthesia, sleep) and consciouss states.    

Selected publications:

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"OPUS" research grant from the National Science Center Poland (2019-2022; UMO-2018/29/B/HS6/02152 )

"Sonata" research grant from the National Science Center Poland (2016-2016; 2015/17/D/HS6/00269)

Iuventus Plus research grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2016-2019; IP2015 008274)

START stipend from the Foundation for Polish Science

Stipend for Young Outstanding Polish Scientists from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education

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