Polish Academy of Sciences Scholarship

We are proaud of Małgorzata Wierzba, who is one of 10 laureates of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences Scholarship!!!

Loss of consciousness is related to hyper-correlated gamma-band activity in anesthetized macaques and sleeping humans - Congratulation to international team and the leading autor Michał Bola!

Loss of consciousness can result from a wide range of causes, including natural sleep and pharmacologically induced anesthesia. Important insights might thus come from identifying neuronal mechanisms of loss and re-emergence of consciousness independent of a specific manipulation. We conclude that hyper-correlated gamma-band activity might be a signature of loss of consciousness common across various manipulations and independent of behavioral responsiveness.

L'Oreal Program for Women and Science

On October 18th, 2017, a ceremony was held to award six talented women-scientists scholarships in the L'Oreal Program for Women and Science. Among the two winners in the category of doctoral theses was Monika Riegel from the Laboratory of Brain Imaging. Congratulations!!!

Metropolen in Osteuropa

LOBI got a new intern. Clara Kuper is a student from the Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience program at Freie Universitaet Berlin. She will spend one year in LOBI working in the project on neural changes during learning new language, supervised by dr hab. Artur Marchewka. For her stay with us, she’s funded by the grant “Metropolen in Osteuropa”.

LOBI ma nowych doktorantów!

Od października do drużyny LOBI dołączają Maria Kulesza i Jan Szczypiński. Maria realizuje projekt dotyczący neuronalnych mechanizmów wpływu treningu uważności na osoby z depresją (projekt realizowany we współpracy z Centralnym Instytutem Ochrony Pracy). Janek jest uczestnikiem projektu dotyczącego neuronalnego podłoża przestępstw seksualnych (projekt realizowany we współpracy z Kliniką Psychiatryczną Warszawskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego). Maria, Janek – witamy na pokładzie!

Laboratory of Brain Imaging at Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience 2nd coding sprint

A project submitted by us is among thirteen projects accepted for the 2nd CRN Coding Sprint []. During the sprint, Michał Szczepanik will spend 5 days working on a plugin for OsiriX, an MRI image viewer. This year’s sprint focuses on applications related to BIDS [], a standard of organizing multiple files created in neuroimaging experiments proposed by Stanford researchers in 2016. The standard aims to facilitate data sharing and creation of standardized applications for data analysis.

Jerzy Konorski Award for the article Massive cortical reorganization in sighted Braille readers

The article Massive cortical reorganization in sighted Braille readers by Katarzyna Siuda-Krzywicka, Łukasz Bola, Małgorzata Paplińska, Ewa Sumera, Katarzyna Jednoróg, Artur Marchewka, Magdalena W. Śliwińska, Amir Amedi, Marcin Szwed, which appeared last year in Elife, 2016 Mar 15; 5:e10762. doi. 10.7554/eLife.10762 was awarded the prestigous Jerzy Konorski Award, funded by the Polish Society for the Research on the Nervous System and the Neurobiological Comitte of the Polish Academy of Science. Congratulations!

Can pornography be addictive? An fMRI study of men seeking treatment for problematic pornography use. Congratulation to international team and the leading autor Mateusz Gola.

Pornography consumption is highly prevalent, particularly among young adult males. For some individuals, problematic pornography use (PPU) is a reason for seeking treatment. Despite the pervasiveness of pornography, PPU appears under-investigated, including with respect to the underlying neural mechanisms. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), we examined ventral striatal responses to erotic and monetary stimuli, disentangling cue-related ‘wanting’ from reward-related ‘liking’ among 28 heterosexual males seeking treatment for PPU and 24 heterosexual males without PPU.

Task-specific reorganization of the auditory cortex in deaf humans - Bola Ł, Zimmermann M, Mostowski P, Jednoróg K, Marchewka A, Rutkowski P, Szwed M. - Our recent work accepted in PNAS - chapeau!

What principles govern large-scale reorganization of the brain? In the blind, several visual regions preserve their task specificity but switch to tactile or auditory input. It remains open whether this type of reorganization is unique to the visual cortex or is a general mechanism in the brain. Here we asked deaf and hearing adults to discriminate between temporally complex sequences of stimuli during an fMRI experiment. We show that the same auditory regions were activated when deaf subjects performed the visual version of the task and when hearing subjects performed the auditory version of the task. Thus, switching sensory input while preserving the task specificity of recruited areas might be a general principle that guides cortical reorganization in the brain.

Prof. Andreas Olsson (Emotion Lab at Karolinska Institutet) visited LOBI in January 2017

"Observational fear and safety learning in humans" - Learning the predictive value of cues through observing the responses of a conspecific (demonstrator) is common across species. This social, indirect, means of acquiring information might be especially advantageous in potentially dangerous environments. In contrast to learning through direct experiences, relatively little is known about the principles governing observational learning. I will present behavioral and physiological (fMRI) research examining human observational learning about events that are threatening (fear learning) and no longer threatening (safety learning).

Multi-parameter machine learning approach to the neuroanatomical basis of developmental dyslexia.

Płoński P, Gradowski W, Altarelli I, Monzalvo K, van Ermingen-Marbach M, Grande M, Heim S, Marchewka A, Bogorodzki P, Ramus F, Jednoróg K. Our recent work accepted in HBM! Congratulation to international team and the leading autor Katarzyna Jednoróg. Well done!!!

Małgosia Wordecha obtained her Master's degree!

This week also Małgosia Wordecha defended her Master's thesis entitled 'Patterns of brain activity during Rule Application and Rule Discovery tasks'. Her project was conducted in LOBI under supervision of prof. dr hab. Tytus Sosnowski (Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw Department of Psychophysiology). Congratulations!

Michał Bola obtained the Minister of Science and Higher Education Stipend for Distinguished Young Researcher. Well done!!!

Minister Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego przyznał stypendia młodym wybitnym naukowcom, prowadzącym wysokiej jakości badania i posiadającym bogaty dorobek naukowy w skali międzynarodowej. W XI edycji konkursu otrzyma je 168 wybitnych młodych naukowców. W konkursie na stypendia dla wybitnych młodych naukowców rozpatrzono 1137 wniosków.

Michał Szczepanik defended his Master thesis!

Michał defended his thesis "How spontaneous brain activity is modulated by emotional movies – resting state fMRI data analysis". His study was conducted in LOBI under the supervision of Piotr Durka, PhD, Prof. (Biomedical Physics Division Institute of Experimental Physics Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw) and Artur Marchewka (LOBI) CONGRATULATION!

Resting State Functional Brain Imaging – Past & Present. LOBI - 26 września 2016

Prof. Bharat Biswal - Department of Biomedical Engineering,NJIT and Department of Radiology, New Jersey Medical School Although long a condition of interest spanning the gamut of neuroimaging modalities, study of the “null”, “fixation” or “resting” state has recently flourished. The fMRI community, in particular, has zealously embraced resting state approaches to mapping brain organization and function. Now, having demonstrated its utility for charting the large-scale functional architecture of the brain, and potential for the identification of biomarkers for clinical conditions, the field is returning to fundamental questions regarding the significance and validity of resting state (intrinsic brain) phenomena. Here, we discuss these challenges, and outline current developments.

What is the effect of basic emotions on directed forgetting? Investigating the role of basic emotions in memory.

After a long battle our work on Directed Forgetting and Basic Emotions is published. This is very important study showing that disgust have a special salience in memory relative to other negative emotions, which cannot be put down to differences in arousal or valence. Congratulation to the team!!! Marchewka A, Wypych M, Michałowski JM, Sińczuk M, Wordecha M, Jednoróg K and Nowicka A. Front. Hum. Neurosci. 10:378. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2016.00378

Congratulations to Michał Bola, who was awarded the „Iuventus Plus” research grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Congratulations to Monika Riegel, who obtained the doctoral scholarship ETIUDA from the National Science Centre Poland.

Thanks to the scholarship Monika will do a 6 months internship under the supervision of Prof. Patrik Vuilleumier in Geneva (

Social and nonsocial affective processing in schizophrenia – An ERP study

Okruszek Ł., Wichniak A., Jarkiewicz M., Schudy A., Gola M., Jednoróg K., Marchewka A., Łojek E. ERPs study with NAPS published! Congratulation to the team and the leading author Łukasz Okruszek. Well done!

Braille in the Sighted: Teaching Tactile Reading to Sighted Adults

Łukasz Bola, Katarzyna Siuda-Krzywicka, Małgorzata Paplińska, Ewa Sumera, Paweł Hańczur, Marcin Szwed. Excellent behavioral study published by Szwed lab Congratulation for the team and the leading author Łukasz Bola affiliated student of LOBI


Prof. Karen Emmorey, our collaborator from the Sand Diego State University (HTTPS://SLHS.SDSU.EDU/LLCN/), will give a lecture at the Nencki Institute. The title of the talk is: "THE NEUROBIOLOGY OF LANGUAGE: PERSPECTIVES FROM SIGN LANGUAGE" Lecture will be held on Friday, May 20th at 12 PM in the lecture room on the 1st floor (HTTP://EN.NENCKI.GOV.PL/VISITOR-INFORMATION). The talk will be simultaneously translated into Polish Sigh Language Polski Język Migowy (PJM). Collaboration supported by the National Science Center HARMONIA grant (014/14/M/HS6/00918): "Modality-general and modality-specific plastic changes when learning a second language"

Neural response patterns in spider, blood-injection-injury and social fearful individuals: new insights from a simultaneous EEG/ECG–fMRI study

Michalowski J.M., Matuszewski J., Droździel D., Koziejowski W., Rynkiewicz A., Jednoróg K., Marchewka A. Brain Imaging and Behavior, 2016, in press.

Congratulations to Monika Riegel, who was awarded a Preludium research grant from the National Science Centre Poland.

The funded project will concern the neuronal mechanisms of associative memory. Specifically, Monika will investigate how basic emotions and emotional congruency with facial context affect our ability to memorise and recall verbal content.

We are pleased to inform you that dr Michał Bola was awarded a START from the Foundation for Polish Science.

The stipend is awarded annually to young researchers who already made significant contributions to their fields. Congratulations!!!

The LOBI team participated in the Neuronus IBRO & IRUN Neuroscience Forum, which took place in Kraków 22-24.04.2016.

Michał Bola and Monika Riegel gave talks on the neuronal correlates of consciousness and the effect of emotional context on memory, respectively. Posters were presented by Monika Riegel, Małgorzata Wierzba, Łukasz Bola, Anna Banaszkiewicz, and Jacek Matuszewski. We are very proud that an award for the best talk went to Monika, while Łukasz won an award for the best poster presentation. Big congratulations

LOBI researchers Michał Bola and Marek Wypych took part in popular science program on Polish TV "Sonda 2"

Main topic of the program was artificial intelligence and Michał and Marek appeared there as consciousness and brain research experts. The program (in Polish) can be watched here: here

Cognitive processing involves dynamic reorganization of the whole-brain network’s functional community structure - Manuscript accepted in The Journal of Neuroscience. Well done!

Bola M., Borchardt V. Journal of Neuroscience (2016, in press).

Neural basis of phonological awareness in beginning readers with familial risk of dyslexia - results from shallow orthography - Manuscript accepted in Neuroimage - Congratulation to the team!!!

Dębska A., Łuniewska M., Chyl K., Banaszkiewicz A., Żelechowska A., Wypych M., Marchewka A., Pugh K.R., Jednoróg K. Neuroimage (2016, in press).

Congratulation to Marcin Sinczuk for obtaining engineering degree.

Marcin during his internship in LOBI developed Preprocessing Universal Pipeline Assistant (PUPA) for SPM under supervision of Marek Wypych.

Massive cortical reorganization in sighted Braille readers - Congratulation to Kasia and Łukasz, the first equal authors & the team - well done!

Siuda-Krzywicka K.*, Bola Ł.*, Paplińska M., Sumera E., Jednoróg K., Marchewka A., Śliwińska M., Amedi A., Szwed M. eLife (2016, in press).

Effect of frustration on brain activation pattern in subjects with different temperament. Manuscript accepted - Congratulation to Marysia & the team!

Bierzynska M. et al., 2016, Frontiers in Psychology.

Effect of emotion on memory for words and their context. Review paper accepted - Congratulation to Monika & the team!

Riegel M., Wierzba M., Grabowska A., Jednoróg K., Marchewka A. Effect of emotion on memory for words and their context. Journal of Comparative Neurology (2016, in press).

November 2015 - Michał Bola & Bartosz Kossowski obtained grants from National Science Center. Congratulation!

Czy neuronalne korelaty świadomości są niezależne od modalności? Badanie aktywacji i interakcji w "globalnej przestrzeni roboczej" mózgu z wykorzystaniem EEG i fMRI -SONATA - dr Michał Bola. Biochemiczne korelaty dysleksji rozwojowej - PRELUDIUM - mgr inż. Bartosz Kossowski.

Sexual Arousability Inventory SAI-PL accepted - Congratulation to the team.

Gola M., Kowalewska E., Wierzba M., Wordecha W., Marchewka A. Polish adaptation of the Sexual Arousability Inventory SAI-PL and validation for males. Psychiatria (in press, 2015).

Welcome Ania & Jacek -New Phd students in LOBI.

Harmonia project.

Platforma Badań Mózgu


Welcome Michał – the lab's first postdoc!

Michał Bola

Press Release about NAWL

Press release on PAP website

NAPS ERO in press -Congratulation to Małgorzata and the Co-Authors.

Wierzba M., Riegel M., Pucz A., Leśniewska Z., Dragan W.Ł., Gola M., Jednoróg K. and Marchewka A. Erotic subset for the Nencki Affective Picture System (NAPS ERO): cross-sexual comparison study. Frontiers in Psychology (2015, in press).

LOBI & Collaborators fMRI study accepted - Congratulation to the team.

Jankowiak Siuda K., Rymarczyk K., Żurawski Ł., Jednoróg K. and Marchewka A.. Physical attractiveness and sex as modulatory factors of empathic brain responses to pain. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience (2015, in press).

New manuscript accepted for publication in Plos One- Congratulation to Małgorzata and the Co-Authors.

Wierzba M., Riegel M., Wypych M., Jednoróg K., Turnau P., Grabowska A., Marchewka A. Basic emotions in the Nencki Affective Word List (NAWL BE): new method of classifying emotional stimuli.

NAPS BE accepted for publication in Behavior Research Methods - Congratulation to Monika and the team members!

Riegel M., Żurawski Ł., Wierzba M., Moslehi A., Klocek Ł., Horvat M., Grabowska A., Michalowski J. Jednoróg K., Marchewka A. Characterization of the Nencki Affective Picture System by discrete emotional categories (NAPS BE).

PhD opportunities in Nencki - 2 PhD positions at LOBI

Polish-Austrian co-operation project.

Katarzyna Jednoróg received funding for mobility costs of bilateral Polish-Austrian co-operation project with Fabio Richlan (Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Salzburg, entitled "Longitudinal neuroimaging study of typical and atypical reading development in German and Polish" for the years 2015-2017.

LOBI at Neuronus 2015!

Three-dimensional Grammar in the Brain: Dissociating the Neural Correlates of Natural Sign Language and Manually Coded Spoken Language. Accepted!

Jednoróg K., Bola Ł, Mostowski P., Szwed M., Boguszewski P., Marchewka A., Rutkowski P. Congratulation to the interdisciplinary team members.

Monika Riegel wins the SKILLS – INTERNSHIPS funding of the Foundation for Polish Science. Bravo!

Monika will do the 4 months internship under the supervision of Prof. Patrik Vuilleumier in Geneva (

February 2015 - Artur Marchewka obtained the HARMONIA grant. Congratulation!

“Modality-general and modality-specific plastic changes when learning a second language”. This project will be conducted in cooperation with Prof. Bogdan Draganski - LREN, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Lausanne ( and Prof. Karen Emory from Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Neuroscience, San Diego State University (

How reliable are grey matter disruptions in specific reading disability across multiple countries and languages? Insights from a large-scale voxel-based morphometry study. Accepted in HBM, 2015

Jednoróg, K., Marchewka, A., Altarelli, I., Monzalvo, K., van Ermingen-Marbach, M., Grande, M., Grabowska A., Heim S., Ramus, F. Congratulation to Kasia and the team members.

Nencki Affective World List (NAWL) accepted for publication in Behavior Research Methods. Congratulation to Monika and the team members.

Riegel M., Wierzba M., Wypych M., Żurawski Ł., Jednoróg K., Grabowska A., Marchewka A. Nencki Affective Word List (NAWL): the cultural adaptation of the Berlin Affective Word List – Reloaded (BAWL-R) for Polish. Behavior Research Methods (in press, 2015).

LOBI at the Brain Circuits for Positive Emotions - October 19-23, 2014 Centro Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità Ascona, Switzerland

Brainsight® Workshop 16.10.2014

TMS + Neuronavigation in LOBI