Sven Mueller, PhD

NAWA ULAM fellow


Associate Professor of Psychology at the Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology, Ghent University and since April 2022 ULAM fellow at LOBI. I just joined LOBI as an ULAM Fellow to conduct a study on the effects of sex hormones on emotion perception and processing in women during the menopausal transition. In addition, we will investigate the impact of the transition has on mental health (anxiety and depression).
My main research interests are threefold. 1) They concern the impact of early-life trauma on social cognition and emotion, 2) concern the impact of sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone) on mental health (anxiety and depression) and 3) concern the impact of gender-affirming hormone treatment on brain structure and function in people with gender dysphoria.


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ULAM fellowship, NAWA, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange