Marek Wypych, PhD
Principal Investigator

About me:

Now: I perform and analyze functional neuroimaging studies on human subjects. I also lead “Neural correlates of procrastination” project financed by NCN grant.

Previously: My PhD in the Laboratory of Visual System in the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology concerned processing of motion in cat's visual system. In my background I am a mathematician. During my master thesis I analyzed biomedical signals with wavelets and classified single evoked potentials recorded from rat barrel cortex.


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Research interests:

I am interested in executive functions and neural basis of different strategies of time management (including procrastination).

Selected publications:

Wypych M, Nagy A, Mochol G, Foik A, Benedek G, Waleszczyk WJ (2014) Spectral characteristics of phase sensitivity and discharge rate of neurons in the ascending tectofugal visual system. PLoS One 2014, 8:  e103557.

Wypych M, Wang C, Nagy A, Benedek G, Dreher B, Waleszczyk WJ (2012) Standardized F1 - a consistent measure of strength of modulation of visual responses to sine-wave drifting gratings. Vision Res 72: 14–33.

Nowicka A, Jednoróg K, Wypych M, Marchewka A (2009) Reversed old/new effect for intentionally forgotten words: the ERP study of directed forgetting. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 71: 97-102, 2009

Mochol G, Wojcik DK, Wypych M, Wrobel A, Waleszczyk WJ (2010) Variability of visual responses of superior colliculus neurons depends on stimulus velocityJ. Neurosci30, 3199–3209 10.1523

Wypych M, Kublik E, Wojdyłło P, Wróbel A (2003) Sorting functional classes of evoked potentials by waveletsNeuroinformatics 1 (2), 193-202


National Science Centre

Speciality from my kitchen: pork neck braised in Chianti wine.