Bartosz Kossowski, Msc Eng.
MRI engineer

About me:

I am electronic engineer focused on imaging techniques used for people and small animals. My experinece includes:

  • hyperpolarization techniques (DNP-NMR)
  • programming a novel fast CSI spectroscopy protocol (CEPSI) on Bruker 7T
  • SVS spectroscopy acquisition and analysis (LCModel, Tarquin)

Research interests:

Fast and high resolution T1-mapping protocol (B1-corrected) on Siemens Magnetom Trio using standard vendor sequences – VFA method with STESE transmit field map. 

Single-voxel spectroscopy (PRESS and MEGA-PRESS) in context of data analysis and application in dyslexia studies and others

MRI peripherals and analysis software. Sequence optimization and programming (Siemens, Bruker)

Selected publications:

Does Long-Term High Fat Diet Always Lead to Smaller Hippocampi Volumes, Metabolite Concentrations, and Worse Learning and Memory? A Magnetic Resonance and Behavioral Study in Wistar Rats PLoS ONE 10(10): e0139987. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0139987

Speciality from my kitchen: Calamari with sweet and sour sauce.