Malwina Molendowska, MSc.
Affiliated member, CUBRIC, Cardiff University

About me:

I finished Engineering and Masters Studies in Biomedical Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow. Since a research stay in Laboratorio de Procesado de Imagen (LPI), Valladolid, Spain (2017) I am particularly interested in diffusion MRI with great focus on microstructural imaging. Currently, I am a PhD student at CUBRIC, Cardiff, Wales under supervison of CMW Tax, PhD, Prof. DK Jones, F Fasano, PhD.

Research interests:

I am curious about how to obtain non-invasively microstructural details of the underlying tissue. This includes how we should design optimal multicontrast sequences, as well as how exactly the diffusion and relaxation process undergoes in a complex structures from theoretical and practical perspectives. The main aim of my PhD project is to provide a comprehensive microstructure-characterisation of prostate using efficient diffusion-relaxometry MRI framework with ultra-strong gradients (Connectome scanner). My research combines computational modelling, physics and mathematics to better understand the structural changes in biological tissue in health and disease. The project is a collaboration of Cardiff University with Siemens Healthineers. In collaboration with LOBI, we attempt to apply diffusion MRI with advanced analysis methods in longitudinal designs with aim to characterise the detailed dynamics of neuroplasticity in skills training.