Maria Kulesza, MSc

Ph. D. Student
+48 22 5892 235


I started my Ph.D. studies at the Laboratory of Brain Imaging in 2017. My main project was titled „Neural correlates of cognitive and emotional changes in Major Depressive Disorder due to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy”, under the supervision of professor Artur Marchewka and Marek Wypych, Ph.D.

I'm currently a primary investigator of my own research grant funded by the National Science Center (Preludium, UMO-2019/33/N/HS6/02126) which is titled "Neuronal and behavioral mechanisms of emotion regulation and autobiographical memory in Borderline Personality Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder - common and specific effects".

Before, I studied psychology at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw (2012-2017). My master's thesis was titled “Susceptibility to social stress and socio-emotional functioning in women with Borderline Personality Disorder” . It was supervised by Agnieszka Pluta, Ph.D. Our project arose from my interest in personality disorders and social cognition, which has not changed since. We are still gathering further data and already published two articles (Grzegorzewski et al., 2019, Pluta et al., 2018). The third is in preparation (Kulesza et al.).

Outside of LOBI I was collaborating with professor Mateusz Gola and Małgorzata Draps in their research on Compulsive Sexual Behavior. I'm also collaborating with professor Katarzyna Kucharska both in my and her studies on Borderline Personality Disorder.

I am tirelessly trying to improve my French and learn Korean. In my free time I take care of my 5 pet rats and over 30 plants, build with LEGO, and play video games.


Personality disorders, affective disorders, social cognition, emotion regulation


Grzegorzewski, P., Kulesza, M., Pluta, A., Iqbal, Z., Kucharska, K. (2019). Assessing self-reported empathy and altruism in patients suffering from enduring borderline personality disorder. Psychiatry Research, 273, 798–807.

Pluta, A., Kulesza, M., Grzegorzewski, P., Kucharska, K., (2018). Assessing advanced theory of mind and alexithymia in patients suffering from enduring borderline personality disorder. Psychiatry Research, 261, 436–441.


2020 - 2023 The National Science Center Preludium grant (UMO-2019/33/N/HS6/02126)

2020 - 2021 The National Science Center ETIUDA grant (UMO-2020/36/T/HS6/00130)

2017 - 2019 The National Centre for Research and Development (I.N.09, TP-49/2017/PW-PB)

2017 - Research Visit at Department of Epidemiology, New York Psychiatric Institute funded by the Kosciuszko Foundation