Anna Kaźmierowska, MSc
Ph.D. Student

About me:

since 2016: PhD student at LOBI

  • Project: Neural correlates of emotional contagion in humans
  • Supervisors: Ewelina Knapska, PhD, Jarosław Michałowski, PhD

2016: post-graduate traineeship at University of Oslo, Department of Clinical Medicine

2011-2016: Master studies at University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology

Research interests:

social and affective neuroscience, psychophysiological research

Selected publications:

Antosz, A., Imbir, K. (2017). Effects of the emotional properties of words and a manipulation of mindset on performance of an ambiguous task. Journal of Cognitive Psychology 29(2), 151-168


National Science Centre

Speciality from my kitchen: chilli shrimps