Intro about our specialities

Newest techniques

Neuroimaging tools for human brain research

Research at LOBI is centered around a variety of cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques, encompassing not only sMRI and fMRI but also EEG and TMS. Our dedicated team explores a wide range of topics, including neuroplasticity, procrastination, consciousness, neuroinflammatory diseases, and brain changes induced by retinal diseases. Moreover, we actively collaborate with external researchers on neuroimaging projects conducted at LOBI, fostering a collaborative environment for advancing our understanding of the complexities of the human brain.


Behavioural research

We actively engage in a complementary line of behavioral research at LOBI. Our commitment to precision is reflected in the development of our own tools for fMRI and behavioral studies, ensuring the delivery of high‑quality, standardized stimuli. This extends from our dedicated testing room, equipped with various tools for in‑person studies, to our online platform hosting surveys and the emBODY tool.

innovative studies

In-House Affective Databases and Research Tools

  • Nencki Affective Picture System (NAPS):

    A comprehensive database featuring a collection of affective images designed for experimental studies, contributing to the understanding of emotional responses.

  • Nencki Affective World List (NAWL):

    A standardized compilation of affective words, providing a valuable resource for investigating emotional language processing and perception.

  • Set of Fear Inducing Pictures (SFIP):

    A curated set of images specifically selected to induce fear, serving as a controlled stimulus set for studying fear-related responses.

  • Nencki Children Eyes Test (NCET):

    A specialized test to assess emotion recognition skills elicited by images of children's eyes.