Selected neuroimaging projects

Manual Skills, Handedness and the Organization of Language in the Brain: Interrelations between the Planning of Tool Use, Gestures and Concepts (6/00174)
Project Leader: Prof. dr. hab. Grzegorz Króliczak
Institute of Psychology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland

The signing brain. Classifier constructions in Polish Sign Language from a neurobiological perspective (176/UD/SKILLS).
Project Leader: Paweł Rutkowski, Phd
Section for Sign Linguistics, Head Faculty of Polish Studies University of Warsaw

Information processing in people with high fear and high psychotisism: A combined EEG and fMRI study.
Project Leader: Jarosław Michałowski, PhD
Faculty of Psychology University of Warsaw

Effects of mental and computer-aided trainings of reach and grasp skills on motor control plasticity in bilateral upper limb congenital transverse deficiency humans (NZ7/00588)
Project Leader: Katarzyna Kisiel-Sajewicz, Ph.D.
Department of Kinesiology, Faculty of Physiotherapy

Innovative Programm supporting speeech therapy and therapy of other cognitive disorders (INNOTECH-K1/IN1/30/159041/NCBR/12)
Project Leader: prof dr hab. Elżbieta Szelag
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology

Cortical plastic changes induced by Neurofeedback-EEG training in novice shooters (NZ7/04383)
Project Leader: Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wróbel
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology

Neural correlates of cognitive improvement in video game players: the role of white matter microstructure and brain activity (NCN 233923).
Project Leader: Natalia Kowalczyk, Msc
University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Tools and tips
Multiple authors

Neural correlates of procrastination (NCN 2014/13/D/HS6/03015)
Project Leader: Marek Wypych, Phd

Directed forgetting - verbal stimuli (NCN)
Project Leader: Małgorzata Wierzba, Msc

Fast and high resolution T1-mapping protocol (B1-corrected) using standard vendor sequences on Siemens Magnetom Trio
Bartosz Kossowski

Decoding dyslexia - functional organization of letter-speech sound association in children at risk of developmental dyslexia (HS6/05584)
Project Leader: Katarzyna Jednoróg, PhD
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology