Cortical plastic changes induced by Neurofeedback-EEG training in novice shooters (NZ7/04383)
Project Leader: Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wróbel
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology


We plan to use Neurofeedback-EEG training at beta activity recorded from parietal cortex meant to improve concentration and visual-motor coordination in novice shooters in order to reveal the underlying brain mechanism of NFB investigated by EEG and fMRI imaging methods.

Conference abstract: "Activation of top down attentional network during anticipation period of visual search task - an fMRI study" - 4th International Conference Aspects of Neuroscience, Warsaw 2014.

To study changes in neuronal correlates of attention a group of healthy volunteers (n=31) was examined in 3 Tesla MR scanner with a 12-channel head coil using rapid event-related design tasks and resting state protocol. The tasks were able to activate attentional and visual regions, targeted in NFB training (marked in green) as well as default mode network, related to baseline brain activity (marked in red).