Ɓukasz Bola, M.A.
Affiliated Ph.D. Student

About me:

Since 2014 Jagiellonian University  

PhD student
Supervisor: Marcin Szwed, PhD

2009 - 2014 University of Warsaw 

M.A with honors in psychology
Thesis: When the sighted brain goes tactile: neuroplasticity in sighted Braille learners tracked by transcranial magnetic stimulation
Supervisors: Marcin Szwed, PhD, and Wojciech Dragan, PhD

Research interests:

Neuroplasticity following sensory deprivation or training, functional organization of the brain, neurobiology of reading.

Selected publications:

For complete list of my publications, please see my Google Scholar profile.


Foundation for Polish Science (START stipend), National Science Centre Poland (PRELUDIUM and ETIUDA grants)