Jacek Matuszewski, MSc
Ph. D. Student

About me:

since 2015 PhD Studies

Laboratory of Brain Imaging, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of Polish Academy of Sciences

Supervisor: Artur Marchewka, PhD

Project: Modality-general and modality-specific plastic changes when learning a second language

2010 - 2015 Msc

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology

"Fearfull information processing in diffrent types of phobia"

Supervisor: Jarosław Michałowski,PhD

Research interests:

language, fear, psychopathy, video games, brain plasticity

Selected publications:

Michałowski, J. M., Matuszewski, J., Droździel, D., Koziejowski, W., Rynkiewicz, A., Jednoróg, K., & Marchewka, A. (2016). Neural response patterns in spider, blood-injection-injury and social fearful individuals: new insights from a simultaneous EEG/ECG–fMRI study. Brain imaging and behavior, 1-17.

Michałowski, J.M., Droździel, D., Matuszewski, J. , Koziejowski W., Jednoróg K., Marchewka A. (2016). The Set of Fear Inducing Pictures (SFIP): Development and validation in fearful and nonfearful individuals. Behavior Research Methods. doi:10.3758/s13428-016-0797-y


National Science Center

Speciality from my kitchen: Things that involve meat or spinach. Or both.